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An invention of former Nissan crash test engineer, Cheong-Choon Ng. The Rainbow Loom a bracelet made up of inter weaved bands that create a geometric pattern, it comes in a kit that contains two templates, a hook, plastic clips, and a multitude of colorful miniature rubber bands. Twenty-four bracelets can be made from the kit, bracelets that are woven into more complex patterns, used in either lanyards or friendship bracelets.

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How the Rainbow Loom came to be

The Rainbow Loom was invented by Cheong-Choon Ng, who is a Malaysian immigrant that of Chinese descent. The Rainbow Loom began as an attempt to impress Mr. Ng’s two daughters, Teresa and Michelle. During one afternoon, the girls were making bracelets with small rubber bands, and when Mr. Ng tried to help he found out his hands were too big, so he went on to make a wooden board with push pins, which helped him but was too bulky for his daughters recognition.

Still he persisted, and included more rows of pins. Pins on two and three and four rows were placed, and then the rubber bands were crisscrossed to make a bigger bracelet. Eventually his girls were captivated by his design and started to make bracelets for their friends and neighbors.

It was his eldest daughter Teresa who suggested that her dad try to sell the Rainbow Loom on the market. With his engineering background as well as experience in quality control and manufacturing, gave Mr. Ng solid ground to stand on the project. His brother, Cheong Yeow, an inventor and engineer also encouraged his brother to sell the product online.

In the past years the Rainbow Looms popularity has increased rapidly now, Mr. Ng oversees a fast growing company which once started on his living room.

Creativity at work

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The Rainbow Loom has also been praised by parents all around, as it boosts creativity and fine motor skills. Also other parents said that kids suddenly learned to become generous, giving their created bracelets to friends and younger siblings. Whether it is just a fad, most parents hope that this fade out, the rainbow loom gives children the creative freedom to by using different techniques or patterns to create different bracelets, and at such a young age.

The rainbow loom has taken the liking of many children, even parents. As unusual as it sounds with toys like these the appeal is usual to that of girls, what surprised toy owners is that even boys are getting hooked to it.

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Once it was a way for a Father to get approval of his daughters, the Rainbow Loom now continues to grow in popularity, with YouTube videos that show kids different techniques and give the young mind an early start to think creatively, to share with others, and helps the parents connect more with their child with the simplicity of using the Rainbow Loom kits.

The Rainbow Loom, a toy that helps a child’s mild, helps the parent connect more with the child, and all around helps the world know that a new past time can be offered to kids, rather than staring at a screen all day long.

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